Mortgage sourcing online
23rd September June 2010

This post talks about how the latest B2C mortgage tools from Trigold, Mortgage Brain and Mortgage 27 compare. The majority of searches on Life Quote Systems are for mortgage or decreasing term life insurance; so it makes sense to spend some time looking into online mortgage sourcing that would complement our own offering.

They go hand in hand and often businesses that want to actively sell insurance products on the web also wish to do the same with mortgages, debt management solutions, pensions, etc.. It really doesn't make a lot of sense not to use a site that gets traffic for cross-selling in this way.

So let's look at three busimess thst currently have systems out there and see how effective are these tools. The main competitors are Trigold, Mortgage 27,and Mortgage Brain B2C.

To get an idea of how they compare I've looked at or attempted to look at demos and example websites for each of these products and although I do have ties with one of these companies I am being objective and hopefully fair in this review. If you disagree please let me know and we will publish your response.


Trigold's Your Site Sourcing is clear and well laid out, provides an instant list of best buys with a form to add personal requirements and property details above the best buy tables. Positive features include good tool tips to explain any of the terms, it's easy to set up via iframe and it will match exactly the data in Trigold Prospector.

In the live site I looked at there was an issue with unsightly iframe scroll bars appearing and dis sap ea ring and the system was slow to respond on a number of occasions and this is definitely limited in that it is a one size fits all system.

Cost is reasonable at for example £99 per 6000 monthly searches or £119 per month including best buy tables.

Mortgage 27

This is a clear and straightforward system with a considerable number of component options that you can choose from. The off the shelf version functions well and sources quickly. The tools are very customisable with a variety of styles seen on example websites.

Prices start from a very low £25 per month limited to ten enquires for the basic package. Hence the system appeals to small IFA firms and those who want a fully bespoke system that can handle high volumes of enquiries.*

Mortgage Brain

This is a presentable, simple and straightforward system that is easy for the user to get to grips with. It is again a one size fits all. It has useful features such as total cost and a feature for comparing products side-by-side. As with the other two systems it is customisable in terms of being able to provide client-specific information.

The cost of the system is a low monthly rate. This doesn't appear to be published on the site so it is safer to let you check with the supplier.

*Please note I am declaring an interest in Mortgage 27's system as I was heavily involved in the design and development and have sold the system to a number of clients as an agent. I have done my best to be objective in my assessment.

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